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How the program works.

Once you join the program (see below), we will contact you via email
to clarify your goals and for you to tell us anything specific we need to know about you.
We'll then provide you with your login details for the PCC Virtual Trainer.

Your program, including your workout plan and your meal plan,
can be accessed either through the login button on the PCC Virtual Trainer
— or via the PCC Virtual Trainer App.

All through the period of your program, we will carry out check-ins
and provide updates through PCC Virtual Trainer. You can ask your personal
weight loss trainer or coach questions and likewise, you will have access to
resources such as "how to's" for a correct gym technique.

That's it! You're on the way to a new you!

Who is this program for?


Whether you simply want to lose some weight and tone up, a
pro-athlete looking for that extra edge or a bodybuilder
looking to do your first show—or—perhaps you are looking
for contest prep to win that State title?

Our online fitness and coaching is personalized to work FOR YOU!

From bodybuilders, soccer players and MMA fighters to
weekend warriors, teenagers, and Mums and Dads -
we've have been online health coaches to them all!

Our Program

From $59.90 per week

Our program is designed specifically for anyone looking to get in shape
in the shortest possible time, whilst staying healthy. We understand that
everybody's needs are different, so your program will be personalised
for YOU and are updated weekly.

Access your program through the PCC VIRTUAL TRAINER
(either online or via app).


PCC Virtual Trainer App

ACCESS to the PCC VIRTUAL TRAINER–everything you need to get moving!


Workout Plan


Food Plan

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