Physique Construction Co.

My story...

Name:Anna Robb

Well I just want to tell it exactly as it is!

I just wished I came across Jamil so much earlier than I did.

I have tried all the diets, fads I'm sure there is on the market.

They never worked. I could never sustain them and I always ended up disheartened and felt as so I had let myself down, and this went on for years!

Since working with Jamil, it has changed my life! I have had amazing results in a short period of time, I'm never hungry, and I have way more energy than I can ever remember having and feel amazing.

I get compliments every day and I am now addicted to my new lifestyle and wish more people could feel this way.

Jamil is so approachable, knowledgeable and great to have as my coach, I'm excited to see where my journey with this takes me.

Don't hesitate get in touch with Jamil today!