Physique Construction Co.

My story...

Name:Annabel Ahuriri-driscoll

I sought nutrition advice from Jamil in late 2012 when I was struggling to lose some weight gained by going ‘off diet’ for several months. As I became leaner and began training with Jamil, he suggested I had the potential to compete as a figure athlete. As a mother of 3 I was highly skeptical, but the great thing about Jamil’s approach is that he gives you the confidence and self-belief to push yourself beyond your pre-conceived limits.

Although I was relatively fit beforehand, since working with Jamil I’ve managed to add approximately 8 kilograms of lean mass to my frame, overcome injuries/imbalances from previous training, and bring balance to my naturally bottom-heavy physique. With Jamil’s support, I’ve achieved my goal of standing on the figure stage, nationally and internationally, and I’m preparing for a second year of competition.

Jamil is a consummate professional and is 110% committed to supporting his clients’ aspirations. I can attest to the fact that his expert training provides you with the knowledge and tools to achieve the body that you’ve always dreamed of.