Physique Construction Co.

My story...

Name:Benji Oppan

When I first came to Jamil I had the ultimate goal of stepping on stage and entering a bodybuilding competition. After my first consultation I had no idea how stagnant my routines had become and how off my nutritional program was. Jamil quickly created challenging, rewarding workouts and a precise diet that was specifically catered for my needs and I immediately saw great results

Over a year I dropped over 30kgs of body fat and maintained muscle mass and this transformation was only possible through Jamil’s precise training and nutrition regimen.

In my first year of competing I won first place in a national level competition a goal that I would have never have achieved without Jamil’s guidance and support.

I look forward to working with Jamil and Physique Construction for many years to come and truly appreciate all the time Jamil devotes to inspire and help myself and others reach their fitness goals.