Physique Construction Co.

My story...

Name:Joanna Garland

Jamil’s experience and knowledge makes him the best in the business. For me Jamil has guided me through all different aspects of my health and fitness journey- Weight loss, Lean mass gaining, Competition Prep and helped keep me balanced and motivated when I’ve needed it. Jamil’s holistic approach to my journey is exactly what every trainer/nutritionist should aspire to do. I cannot praise or thank him enough for the opportunities that have opened up for me that started once I started seeing him 3 years ago.

Jamil’s hard work ethnic both professionally and personally is evident by the team of PCC, how he presents himself and the support that Kristy and Jamil have fostered as part of their company.

Don’t settle for less than your body and mind deserves- be the best and be coached by the best. Jamil you are an absolute legend! I cannot thank you enough.