Physique Construction Co.

My story...

Name:Sam Swaney

Start weight 78kg end weight 65kg over 4 months

At 18, I weighed 65kg and by the time I was 20, I weighed a whooping 85kg! Because I outgrew my wetsuit and climbing harness I went from rock climbing and surfing to channel surfing on the couch with a bag of chips. I tried for a couple of years to get healthy and lose weight by myself but didn&t have much luck, so I decided enough is enough! I need to get healthy so I can have the best life I can and not be held back by my weight.

Kristy met with me for a consultation and by the end of it, she had me so motivated by the results I could achieve that I couldn&t wait to start! My first weigh in had me at 80kg and 36% body fat! I soon learned that it wasn&t going to be as easy as I first thought. After a bad weigh in she said "60% of what you look like is what you eat" and I then realised that I couldn&t keep doing what I was doing. Kristy helped me gain that mental toughness I needed to reach for my goals and not that block of chocolate.

With Kristy's constant guidance and support I have lost over 10kg, went from a size 14 to a size 10 and I am within sight of my end goals! I am stronger, fitter, have more energy and a zest for life that I didn't have before and I owe it all to Kristy! Her dedication and motivation for the people she trains is inspiring and I can't wait to continue our hard work this year and to see what else we can achieve. A big BIG thank you Kristy, you have changed my life!