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This is important legal disclaimer for Physique Construction Co.

Risk of use

At no time does this website (including all content, downloadable applications or content contained therein) – plus any and all communication from Physique Construction Co delivered in any manner whatsoever – represent medical advice, care or diagnosis of any kind whatsoever (including, but not limited to, advise relating to physical or mental health of any kind). We advise all persons – in good health or otherwise – to consult with their physician or health care professional before commencing any Program, Food Plan, Workout Plan, form of exercise or acting on any information or instruction provided by Physique Construction Co. Any form of exercise can cause injury – undertaking any exercise as assigned to you from Physique Construction Co. is done so entirely at your own risk. Physique Construction Co. is not responsible for any injuries or health problems you may experience (including death) as a result of acting on any information or instruction provided by Physique Construction Co.

No team member, employee or contractor of Physique Construction Co. is a medical professional. No communication from any team member, employee or contractor of Physique Construction Co. delivered in any manner should be interpreted as medical advice.

Disclaimer of results

It should be anticipated that the results from undertaking any Program provided by Physique Construction Co. will vary from individual to individual. All client stories shown on this website are real people. Physique Construction Co. makes no claim that these stories represent typical or expected results, nor that positive results will be achieve by all users. You may not achieve any positive result.

Billing Information

Upon purchasing any of our Programs you will be charged the amount as shown in full at the time of purchase. The amount paid constitutes access as a paying subscriber to Physique Construction Co. services and allows use of Physique Construction Co. content, material and products. Upon reaching the end of the initial Program period you will automatically be charged the same amount as the initial Program to roll over your subscription for an equal period as the initial Program – this will occur unless you advise Physique Construction Co. otherwise.

You will continue to receive updated Food Plans and Workout Plans at the discretion of your coach for the period in-which you are a paying subscriber. Upon cancellation of subscription you will no longer have access to data held by Physique Construction Co.

You can cancel this subscription at Any Time – please email us at: and request your membership to be cancelled. In the event of cancellation – no refund will be provided.

Technical Support / Limitations and Data Policy

The Physique Construction Co. makes no guarantee that any and/or all services that require internet connectivity will be available at all times and in all locations.

If you have a technical query or problem – please email us at:

As part of the services Physique Construction Co. provide to subscribers – we do collect and store personal data about each subscriber. This data is not distributed or shared with any third party. Within 14 days of cancellation of subscription your personal data will be erased from our records.